Africa Pathways Expeditions (APE) is a Tanzanian-registered tour operation company focused on creating a greater connection between tourism, conservation and sustainable community development through Photography. With have office in Moshi – Kilimanjaro,Tanzania.

The company organizes and operates Wildlife safaris, Cultural tours, Agri-tourism and Trekking expeditions in East Africa.    Africa Pathways is an active member of the Tanzanian Organization of Tour Operators (TATO), the African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA), and certified by Travelife, the International Organization for Responsible Tourism.

Africa Pathways was established to refresh Photography expeditions and Private guiding activities by providing  professional service that is fun and relaxed, by ensuring that photography, cultural experience, adventure and friendship happen at the same time.

From humble beginnings we have grown not only our service levels and destination offerings but also created a platform for qualified photography instructors and experienced tour leaders in Wildlife, Landscape and Travel photography. Africa Pathways offers full logistic photography and videography expeditions for individual and small groups in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar archipelagos.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create expeditions that are carried out in the most effective and sustainable way. We ensure our clients to derive mutual benefits from our business by creating awareness, supporting our suppliers, practicing ecotourism and giving back to the community.

Our Commitment to Conservation and Development

We have established Africa Pathways, not only to provide employment for ourselves, but also to give opportunities to those who otherwise would not have received them. Our main objectives are preservation of culture, wildlife and our goodwill projects. We have organized our company in a way we are able to provide assistance by funding various projects that we have initiated.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experienced Safari guides, Mountain guides, Photographers and Travel experts highly trained on wildlife and conservation. We work together and collaborate with passionate individuals, small groups, travel Organizations and Companies in Growing our brands.


We offer Packages Ranging from Standard safari, Classic safari to High-end luxury safari adventures with absolute adherence to quality of service, value for money and cultural integrity. All our itineraries are planned considering the amount of time we recommend to appreciate the ‘adventurous’ surroundings whether you are in:

  • Photography workshops
  • Wildlife safari
  • Trekking
  • Honeymoon Holiday
  • Cultural safari
  • Agri/Rural-Tourism
  • Walking safari
  • Bird watching
  • Retirement vacation
  • Beach holiday

We carefully maintain our itineraries in order to provide our clients with an enjoyable and cultural experience trip. We believe in handpicking our staff not only based on their knowledge and experience but also their ‘personability’ and natural hospitality . They know what factors make an adventure ‘special’.

Our Safari and Mountain Guides are all born in Tanzania therefore possess knowledge to understand the behaviour of wildlife and patterns of vegetation hence they can impart knowledge that is not written. Our Chefs understand the art of creating delicious cuisine with limited resources while adhering to the ‘laws of hygiene’.


  • Trip’s planning to suit you
  • Our experience on planning and operating expeditions
  • Perspectives from our experience on the field
  • Independent and unbiased advice
  • Human contact you can talk to rather than a search engine
  • Trips to both remote and well known destinations
  • Top notch tour leaders
  • Different languages
  • Best accommodation
  • 4×4 vehicles designed for photography
  • Input on the best value options
  • Easy booking
  • Secured payments
  • Involvement in development and