Each day on the expedition we will explore the National parks in the early morning and late afternoon when the light is right for photography. The exact duration will depend on the sightings but on average they will be 3-4 hours.


Your day will start with an early morning wake up at 05:30. Normally you will have 30 minutes to get yourself out of bed, hair combed and dressed for your morning game drive – it is helpful to prepare everything you need Before you sleep.

All guests then meet at a designated area of the main lodge half an hour after waking up. Tea, coffee and some form of biscuit will be served. Then you will start your morning session.

Typically you will return to the lodge after around 3 hours on safari. Breakfast will be ready on your return,

Middle of the day

This leaves you with 4 – 5 hours in the middle of the day before your afternoon safari game drive.

Some of the lodges offer the chance to go on a walking safari, usually with a ranger, and these will typically last around an hour. You generally walk from the lodge, and explore the smaller details of the bush. Looking at things like insects, plants, learning how to read animal spoor etc. If the lodge does offer this, we highly recommend you do at least one walk, it gives a totally different perspective on the bush.

Many lodges have spa facilities, and these are very popular between the safaris. However, if spa is not your thing and your lodge doesn’t offer it, this is the time to review your images.Lunch will be served at around 13:30 each day. Before our evening session at around 15:30 there will be more relaxation time.

Late Afternoon

At 15: 30. Then it’s time to board your vehicles once again, and head off for the afternoon session.

As the sun dips low on the horizon you will stop for a break. What is a better way to celebrate the end of the day than with a gin & tonic, watching the sun set over the African savannah?

It is very important to note that many parks and lodges do not permit night drives. In these places the safaris typically end at sunset. If you particularly want to experience a night drive, make sure that you will be staying somewhere that allows it!


You normally return to the lodge around 19:00. There is normally time to return to your room to freshen up before returning to the main lodge area for dinner.

After dinner, relax around the campfire and regale in stories of the day’s sightings before finally heading back to your room for a well earned rest, remember there will be a knock at the door very early to start all over again!

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